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About Us

Marquis Companies, Inc. was founded to provide quality construction and development services to thecommercial real estate market in Southern California. Our 30 years of combinedconstruction and development experience transitions many diverse product types such as healthcare,educational, warehouse, office, and retail. Our formula for success has always been to create lasting relationships with our customers by being a company that people enjoy working with. This requires more than just a construction or development company. It requires a personality that fosters open communication and ahigh level of trust. It requires consistent performance in delivering projectson time and on budget. It requires people experienced and empowered tomake decisions in order to adapt in a constantly changing environment.It requires ownership of our customers’ vision and dedication to their goals.[ learn more ]


Dedicated to embody the highest standards of excellence in the delivery of quality construction and development solutions through exceptional service, innovation, and the integrity necessary to insure complete customer satisfaction.

Marquis Companies


Marquis has been doing construction for a very long time, but we aren’t a huge conglomerate that builds numerous large scale projects at the same time. We consider ourselves a Boutique Contractor, meaning that we aren’t as big as those companies, but we aren’t small either!

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Marquis officially started our Boutique Development Department a few years ago, although we have been involved in development over the 30+ years we have been in business. Structuring our development department to be smaller scale allows us to specialize.

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Jeff Manning

Marquis Construction was thorough and precise from start to finish and really made my job a lot easier, I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone I know.


At Marquis Companies, we believe it is our duty to give you only the highest quality of service. If you have any questions about an upcoming project, please call our office phone number at 909-732-4249.